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Not Letting Go.

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Meridian Tap Therapy

Meridian Therapies are a new approach that suggest that every limiting thought, upsetting feeling and memory is associated with a disturbances of our body/mind energy system.

How does it work ?

The disruption in the energy system will be calmed and relieved by simply tapping on the 14 basic meridian points (see picture below)

 Meridian Therapy helps to stimulate self-healing potential and encourages life energy and interest to revive. The results are usually permanent for the aspect treated.

Who will benefit from receiving Meridian Therapy?

Meridian Therapies are highly effective with a broad range of problems such as; Learning Problems, ADD/ADHD, Fear, Anger, Phobias, Depression, Grief, Pain- Management, anxiety, addictive Cravings, Stress, etc.
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