Deanna Benner, LCSW
Learning To Let Go of...
Not Letting Go.

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Lumberton, NJ 08048
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We use proven, evidence-based treatment components that help people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other anxiety disorders significantly reduce their symptoms.

Our approach uses cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), Research supports that CBT is the most effective method for treating anxiety disorders.   For OCD, the main emphasis is a technique called exposure and ritual prevention (ERP). ERP is considered to be the “treatment of choice” for OCD. Exposure in ERP refers to confronting the thoughts, images, objects and situation that make a person with OCD anxious.  Response Prevention in ERP refers to making a choice not to do a compulsive behavior after coming in contact with what makes the person anxious.

In addition to ERP, cognitive restructuring strategies are also taught. Cognitive restructuring identifies and corrects  “errors” in thought that create anxiety. 

There are two aspects in our approach to treating OCD and other anxiety disorders:

  1. The development of each person’s hierarchy is very thorough and identifies every aspect of the person’s phobic avoidance to include their core fears.
  2. Our emphasis on gradual and visual exposures to assist with increasing compliance.
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